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“It’s not about the numbers on your spreadsheets, it’s about the names on your timesheets”

Adam Purcell


Viral Hospitality. – How do you make your hospitality go viral?

This is a presentation that speaks to hospitality becoming your marketing and your identity, and how to inspire your staff to go that extra mile.

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Victoria Taylor

Adam Purcell is a relationship builder, a first class communicator with excellent leadership skills and an empathetic charismatic individual. When I think about Adam the first thing that comes to my mind is his ability to storytell in an incredibly unique and engaging way. Adam draws people towards him by the way he involves his community and captivates attention instantly from the moment he starts speaking. He has a rare ability to connect with his audience in such an emotional way that you feel as though you are experiencing the stories he tells first hand. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam as a speaker at all levels within the business world, he can adapt to his audience and more importantly make everyone at multiple levels feel inspired and ready to take action.

Victoria Taylor – Founder  VictoriaTaylUK

Ross Simmonds – Digital Strategist/Keynote Speaker

“Some people demand attention when they deliver a presentation. Adam simply deserves it. He brings energy, emotion and insights without missing a beat. Loved every second of his presentation at Podcamp. #RockstarStatus”
*excerpts from written letter from the GM

“Just wanted to pass along a quick note to let you know the resounding effect your session had with our team here at the Pictou Lodge. Although the team here has always gone above and beyond for our guests here on resort, your message and inspiration has “branded” this effort…I have also been getting great feedback from guests about the efforts made by our great team here. Both in private messages and on public forums. This word of mouth has definitely had a positive impact on our business from a revenue perspective…Our “#caringcounts” efforts have also helped in personnel recruitment…#caringcounts has become everyday language here at the Pictou Lodge.”

Wes Surrett GM