Adam has been in service since he was 16 years old, and has been on the local news, in the Huffington Post featured in Ted Rubins blog, as well as included in NY Times bestselling author Peter Shankmans book about customer service.


Adam believes that your biggest marketing opportunity isn’t the radio/TV, Social Media or the newest shiny app…It is your staff! They are on the frontline and have the ability to create lifelong advocates for your brand every single day. Most owners and managers are aware of the importance of a friendly and engaged staff, but keeping them engaged can be a challenge. Companies will start service “campaigns” which work for a short time, but often the staff lose their passion, and stop caring.

Here is the issue…

“Hospitality can’t just be a campaign, it has to be your culture”

Adam can help with brand awareness, storytelling and your service culture and has had incredible feedback from staff, management and owners alike.

“I have also been getting great feedback from guests about the efforts made by our great team here. Both in private messages and on public forums. This word of mouth has definitely had a positive impact on our business from a revenue perspective.” Wes Surrett – GM Pictou Lodge

Vikki“Adam Purcell is a relationship builder, a first class communicator with excellent leadership skills and an empathetic charismatic individual. When I think about Adam the first thing that comes to my mind is his ability to storytell in an incredibly unique and engaging way.” Victoria Taylor – Founder Summit Live UK

Adam’s presentations always inspires the attendees to take action. Though there is something that he began to notice.

It is great to come in and inspire a staff and management team, and inspire them to give incredible and memorable customer experiences, but like a campaign…if someone doesn’t lead the charge, over time the passion goes away. The infrastructure within any given company needs to be there for the keynote to have a long lasting effect. So Adam has come up with a strategy that is sure to result in a very successful outcome for your company. Inspiring the staff is one thing, but Adam would like to show you how to leverage Social Media to allow your brand message to travel even further.

“Create memorable, emotional, and shareable customer experiences”

Please contact Adam Purcell if you would like to learn more about how he can help put your brands name on the tip of everybody’s tongue.

“It’s not about the numbers on your spreadsheet, it is about the names on your timesheet”