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Be Consistent

Social media is a very important part of keeping top of mind with current and potential clients.   However often a social media post can be uploaded as a last minute decision, or it can be put on the back burner as times get busy.  Setting up a system and schedule of sharing is important, and will help keep  your account relevant and stand out!

Be Creative

The great thing about our phones these days is there is an app for everything.  When it comes to posting on your social media accounts, these apps can make your marketing far more appealing.  The days of posting a grainy or blurry picture from your phone is no longer acceptable.  Take the time to get it right.

Be Catchy

Everyone is on social media.  Your brother, neighbour and even your grandmother are spending hours on their devices.  This also means that your competition is too.  It is important to stay active, but also to find a way to be creative so that your posts are memorable.  When they are memorable they are more likely to get a like, comment or share.

Be Caring

Social media is not the same as a billboard.  When you  upload a post for your accounts, people can like and comment on your posts.  If someone calls, you answer.  If someone walks into your store, you say hi.   And when someone comments or sends you a message on social media, you MUST reply.  It is a great way to show that you actually care, and stand out from your competition.  

To actually care…who knew that was important?!?! 


Who are our clients?

*Most importantly you must have a product or service that we believe in.  

Our ideal clients understand that customers and employees are the most important piece of their business.  Furthermore we work with businesses that want to stand out from their competitors which means sharing more of the WHY of your business and less of the WHAT. Even if your business may not seem exciting, we can help design a compelling strategy and get you noticed.

List of services available:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, Linkedin…
  • Live Video Production – Virtual or In Person
  • Video Production
  •  Podcast Production
  • Strategy
  • And more available…

Featured Clients:

Easy, chef crafted meals from our kitchen to yours.  Leave the work to us and  take the credit – we don’t mind!

Our shop is filled with a wide variety of delicious items all made in-house by our talented culinary team.

* Fresh Salads / *Bottled Vinaigrettes & Dressings /*Fresh Sandwiches / * Hot Soup & Biscuit /*Fresh Take-Home Entrees(small & large portions)*Party Food including signature hors d’oeuvres, crispy wonton chips, salsas, dips, nosh mix – lots to choose from! /*Hand-scooped cookie dough balls /*Decadent desserts & squares /Plus, so much more!

An example of the content we created together:

Weekly Facebook Live Show:

Chit Chat Chop Ep 108 – Halifax MP Andy Fillmore

At Stream Financial, we provide accounting and financial services that help business owners across Canada understand the meaning behind their numbers. We ensure that each of our clients has the information they need to make informed day-to-day business decisions while providing the support and resources needed to plan for their future. 
As your business partner we know that your business needs are unique. We take your individuality seriously, focusing on your business’ special situation and attitude.  
Through our services and expertise you will  receive valuable information and support to improve your cash flow, control your operations, increase your profits, and grow your business.

An example of the content we created together:

Monthly Video Series With Small Business Owners:

#XStreamTrips –