What is a Social Service Consultant?

YOU have to actually care first!

About your employees…

About your clients…

About people in general…


So what is a Social Service Consultant? 

We believe that your Social Media strategy begins in-house.  As “Social Service” consultants we ensure that your house is in order and help define your goals and your story before we even begin the process of telling the world how great you are.

Who are our clients?

Our ideal clients understand that customers and employees are the most important piece of their business.  Furthermore we work with businesses that want to stand out from their competitors which means sharing more of the WHY of your business and less of the WHAT. Even if your business may not seem exciting, we can help design a compelling strategy and get you noticed.

Featured Clients:

Easy, chef crafted meals from our kitchen to yours.  Leave the work to us and  take the credit – we don’t mind!

Our shop is filled with a wide variety of delicious items all made in-house by our talented culinary team.

* Fresh Salads / *Bottled Vinaigrettes & Dressings /*Fresh Sandwiches / * Hot Soup & Biscuit /*Fresh Take-Home Entrees(small & large portions)*Party Food including signature hors d’oeuvres, crispy wonton chips, salsas, dips, nosh mix – lots to choose from! /*Hand-scooped cookie dough balls /*Decadent desserts & squares /Plus, so much more!



With roots in North Carolina, Julie Shore and Arla Johnson fell in love with Canada nine years ago, and have brought an entrepreneurial spirit and their love of fine spirits to downtown Halifax.